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Rochelle's Residence

Rochelle's Home

Rochelle lives in this artful environment she has created. Her home is in the Professorville Historical District of Palo Alto. Originally, Stanford University professors built and lived in the homes in this section of town.

Front Door

The entrance area, adorned with metal creations, provide a welcoming entrance to the artist's home gallery.

Red Window

This is the exterior entrance to Rochelle's studio.


Courtyard Bench

An outdoor area to sit and enjoy time with friends.

Courtyard Bench

"Mountains" is one of many outdoor sculptures.


The courtyard fountain, in the stone courtyard near the entrance of her home, provides a soothing sound of falling water.

Backyard Patio

Back Patio

A place to enjoy quiet family meals.

Back Patio water fountain

A metal sculpture water fountain graces the corner of the patio.

Back Patio light fixture and planter

The light fixture and planter are sculptures by Rochelle.

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